Veterans Are Natural Entrepreneurs, Increase Your Value in the Workplace

Three million veterans who have served in Iran and Afghanistan since September 2011 arrive home to often face challenges in acquiring employment in the civilian workforce.  In fact, the unemployment rate for veterans remains significantly higher than the national average at 9.2% as recently as March 2013.

Mike Haynie, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University and an Air Force veteran himself is attempting to change this.  Haynie knows first hand that veterans are naturals at entrepreneurship and business ownership and have what it takes to contribute to a company’s bottom line.  They can work under intense pressure, are natural problem solvers and think quickly on their feet. Through the 2006 development of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), Haynie is attempting to help veterans transfer these military skills and strengths into rewarding civilian careers.

The EBV offers post 9/11 veterans with disabilities cutting edge training in entrepreneurship and business management.  The program focuses on practical training in the field of business skills and provides its students with an on-going support structure.  Along with the EBV there are a host of other organizations that offer job training and skill building for veterans.  Organizations such as Veteran Entrepreneurial Transfer, Inc. in Milwaukee offer free assistance to veterans that are interested in becoming business owners.  Leave No Veteran Behind provides veterans with valuable job training.  National Able Network and Thresholds both assist veterans with career advancement programs and business courses.  Corporations recognize and appreciate the skillsets military veterans possess.  Veterans can make themselves even more marketable by taking full advantage of these job-training programs in order to find meaningful civilian careers.

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