The Top Industries for Military Personnel, Where to Target Your Job Search

The transition from military to civilian life has become a very relevant topic in light of the fact that under President Obama there has been a steady withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.  In fact, according to the Obama administration, most of the 68,000 remaining troops will return home by the end of 2014.

U.S. military personnel are part of one of the best-trained workforces in the nation.  Military personnel possess unique skills  – they can work under intense pressure, are natural problem solvers and think quickly on their feet.  These skills are highly transferable to a wide range of civilian careers.  Ex-military personnel are some of the most employable people around.

So what careers recognize the valuable skill sets that military personnel bring to the table and offer a promising career path to these individuals?  According to recent reports, the five hottest jobs for ex-military personnel are:  Information Technology Specialist, Police Officer, Math or Science Teacher, Entrepreneur, and Civilian Public Service.

Information technology (IT) positions take advantage of advanced technology training that many military personnel have received.  In addition, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT field is expected to be among the fastest growing careers through 2014.  Police officers and former military personnel both possess a strong desire to serve their countries and communities and there is substantial overlap between the two careers.  Teaching positions allow military personnel to exercise their natural leadership skills and provide a platform where they can help motivate others to achieve their goals.  Ex-military personnel are natural entrepreneurs.  They possess the discipline and problem-solving skills needed to launch their own ventures.  Finally, civilian public service provides great career opportunities for former military personnel.  Military personnel can continue to serve the country and take advantage of networking opportunities with the high percentage of other ex-military personnel that serve in these positions.

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