Simple Tips To Make Job Search Easier For Vets

According to a recent article in a human resources publication, veteran unemployment still remains slightly above the national average.  While unemployment for post-9/11 veterans has certainly come down from its 2012 average of 9.9 percent, it is still hovering at about 7.5 percent.  The article highlights some effective tips that veterans can employ to assist in their job search.

Seek Out Veteran-Friendly Organizations:  Many organizations bill themselves as veteran-friendly.  Get to know those that are by doing some research on the G.I. Jobs site and exploring their websites.  Oftentimes, veteran-friendly organizations will have something as simple as a blurb on their site that promotes veteran hiring.

Network and Use Referrals:  Use your extensive personal network to try to secure employment.  Referrals often uncover hidden jobs that you otherwise would not have known about.  Reach out to mentors and former colleagues.  Also attend veteran-friendly networking events.

Utilize Social Media:  Social networks give you access to large amounts of information in real-time.  In addition, social and professional networks allow you to craft your personal pitch and put it out there on on-line job sites for potential employers to view.

Highlight Your Transferrable Skills:  Make sure your resume highlights all that you have learned during your time in the service.  The skills and experience you have acquired are invaluable and they differentiate you from other candidates.  Focus on experiences that showcase your leadership ability and problem-solving creativity.

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