Conducting a Winning Interview Checklist Part 2: Items to Consider Taking with You to the Interview

We have provided a list of items that you might need to have or be asked for by the interview. Organizing as much of the following material and information can make the difference of remaining in consideration for the job.


* Appointment book, PDA
* Quality folder or small briefcase
* Clean 8 1/2″ x 11″ notepad
* Your Interview Portfolios or
* Birth certificate
* Social Security Card
* Driver’s license (copy)
* Any other licenses (including business, professional and technical)
* Work authorization papers
* Passport/Citizenship papers
* Additional personal information needed to complete employment applications and hiring documents (i.e. emergency contacts, physician information, medical insurance, etc.)
* Correspondence sent to and received from the employer
* Job Posting and research on the position
* Company research.
* Resume – with notations related to the position. Your resume may be used by the interviewer as a basis for asking some questions.
* Interview specific S.T.A.R. Stories
* Your 2-minute verbal biography and Personal Career Brand statement tailored for the interview.
* Responses to questions you expect to be asked.
* Questions you have prepared to ask at the interview.
* Documentation of achievements listed in your resume that are related to position you are being interviewed for (see master portfolio checklist for types of documentation). Do not use proprietary documents. You can fictionalize some of your work product.
* Performance Reviews
* Writing Samples
* Salary history (if requested)
* Photo copies of related Diplomas, certificates, CEUs, licenses
* References – targeted reference list (see chapter 8), master reference list and each reference on an individual page (you can select based on information gathered during your interview)
* Letters of Recommendation
* Additional information to complete applications and other employment related documents.

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